Abstract landscapes - inspired by nature, made for your home!

Karin’s paintings are expressive and yet they capture the serenity of nature.
Inspired by natural areas and based on numerous outdoor sketches her paintings are a representation of feeling a landscape, rather than a record of seeing it.

Karin Czermak_Moonlight_2022_web

Original Art – the unique eye-catcher for your space

Atmospheric and timeless. Discover the abstract landscapes of Karin in her art shop

Karin often heads out for some quick plein-air sketching. Drawing directly from life gives her a chance to experience nature with all her senses. The spicy scent of pine trees. The sun highlightening the autumn covered trees. The dense fog covering the grass. Karin appreciates these impressions and collects them as colour notes and shapes from nature. Back in her studio she translates these sketches into large canvas paintings. The final paintings invite the viewer to look closer, and discover places made up by loose brushstrokes and vibrant colours.

Abstract Minis – Little beauties for your collection

Gestural and harmonious. Discover the abstract works on paper by Karin in her art shop

It is the process of painting itself, that Karin explores in her abstract Minis. She is interested in how shapes and colours overlap, complement and replace each other. Karin works in Acrylics so she can apply layer upon layer melting together, changing constantly and tracing the disappeared. Karin sees painting as an exciting process, an interchange between creating new things and reintegrating existing elements.


Cyanotypes – magical shades of nature

Playful and poetic. Discover amazing blue prints in Karin’s artshop

Cyanotypes are magical. The moment when a blueprint is developing holds so much tension. In her work “Shades of the Sea” Karin wants to capture the energy of the ocean. Calm. Deep. Mystical. The process of these cyanotypes is much like a conversation with the ocean. Listening to the wind. Feeling the rhythm of the waves. Breathing the salty air. Kain loves the unpredictable outcome and the imperfections of these prints. The waves, the wind, the sand, the stones, the sun, the clouds. Always changing. Leaving different marks on the paper. Moments in nature. Captured on paper.


“I am very happy with Karin’s painting. The colours are amazing. Karin also supported and assisted me with the framing of the painting. It turned out beautifully. Especially on rainy days, the painting illuminates the room – I love it.”

„We discovered Karin’s art at a gallery opening and immediately loved it. The vibrant colours and the loose brushwork fascinated us. The way Karin depicts a landscape leaves enough room for our own interpretation. We visited Karin in her studio and picked up “our” painting. That’s how we also knew the artist in person.“




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