#ArtForEarth | Instagram-Project | April 2020

During Earth Week initiated by WWF Karin created and shared artworks to the following themes:

#Freshwater: The river is a source of inspiration for Karin’s art. For the theme Freshwater Karin created an art installation with paintings next to the river. A dialogue between art and nature

#Earth Day: In her series ‘Resolving Landscape’, Karin creates abstract landscapes comprised of floating colors and overlapping shapes. In her paintings the artist cherishes how shapes and colors overlap, complement and replace each other. In a way she is tracing the disappeared. This is exciting for art, but protecting the planet should not be about tracing the disappeared. Take action before ‘tracing the disappeared’ has become sad reality.

#Food: Wild raspberry | 15 x 15 cm | Acrylic on paper
Do you know the excitement when you walk across wild grown food while hiking? Berries. Fungi. Wild garlic. Wild food forms an integral and vital part of the rich diversity of species and ecosystem. This mini is dedicated to them.

# Forests: Art Installation from the series Green Cube
Forests are simply amazing. They provide habitats for animals. They help us breathe. They keep Earth cool. They prevent soil erosion. They offer watershed protection. They make it rain. They migitate climate change. … Well, guess what, we depend on them.

# Climate: Climate is the long-term average course of weather found in a particular place. One factor influencing climate is the angle at which sunlight strikes the Earth. Therefore Karin chose a picture from the Green Cube art installation series. SUN: source of life.

# Oceans: Memories of the ocean.
Covering more than two-third of our planet’s surface, oceans are home to spectacular ecosystems and amazing wildlife. As a scuba diver, Karin  feels a special connection to the ocean and its rich biodiversity. During last year’s vacation she started a research diary with her kids recording fish they saw under water.  For her work ‘Memories of the ocean’ she used some of the drawings to create digital collage.

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