Virtuelle Ausstellung | December 2020

Artist faced many challenges in 2020. Exhibitions and projects got canceled or postponed. The ability of artists to adapt to these new challenges has been crucial. Within this context, the exhibition “Virtual Abstraction” is both, a response to the currently difficult situation and an expansion of the common exhibition concept. The virtual exhibition space opens new possibilities. It facilitates the participation of artists from different countries and can be visited from practically all around the world.
“VIRTUAL ABSTACTS” presents various artistic positions, wants to show how abstract art happens in different places around the world and may influence one another.

Participating Artists:

Shannon Amey, Karin Czermak, Marisol Evora, Palma Graça Monika Herschberger, Lena Müller, Daniela Prokopetz, Christian Ruckerbauer, Merita Seitz, Barbara Ziselberger

kuratiert von Karin Czermak und Daniela Prokopetz
16.12.2020 – 06.01.2021
Der Link zur Ausstellung: